Orçun Köken

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A senior architect with extensive experience in all stages of project design.

About me

Architectural production is an outstanding process. There is magic in creating an environment and to share this enthusiasm with clients and colleagues is pure joy. Limits and challenges are essential to architectural design, and the process itself is finding the legitimate reaction to a spatial problem and bringing the materialized solution to perfection.

Orçun Köken


Cypriot (EU Citizen)
34 years
Turkish, English, Dutch



Middle East Technical University

Aug 2003 - Jun 2007

Bachelor - Architecture I attended the Department of Architecture at Middle East Technical University, which is one of the top universities in Turkey, scoring the first rank through a nationwide university entrance examination. In our design studio, I worked on numerous projects such as public buildings, hotels, residences, urban scale projects under experienced supervisors. The projects in the architectural design studio with the investigation of architectural history helped locate myself within the architectural discourse and find my own path within the practice. Reading architectural history over the following years showed me the importance of social sciences in the field architecture. I realized the solid bond between the production of space and the evolution of society. Ankara, Turkey

Delft University of Technology

Aug 2008 - Jun 2010

Master of Science - Architectural Design TU Delft was about integration to the global architectural debate. I had the chance to work with great tutors and exceptional architecture students from all around the world. This cultural synergy widened my professional perspective. In the first year, I was in the Urban Asymmetries Lab and visited Singapore, where I monitored South East Asian culture and architecture. For my final project, I was selected to the Explore Lab in which I searched for a public realm for the two communities in the divided capital of my homeland, Cyprus. Delft, The Netherlands

EcoBuild Green Building Consultancy Company

Feb 2015

LEED Green Building Principles - Course During the construction boom in Turkey, I designed many buildings and large scale urban developments. The city as a huge construction site made me concerned about the ecological system in which we interfere. I took courses from the official LEED Consultancy Company in Ankara to further improve my knowledge and to be able to lead my clients to greener buildings. Ankara, Turkey

Professional Career

DB Architects

Jul 2006 - Agu 2006

Internship - Architectural Student I did my summer internship of 2006 in DB Architecture in İstanbul. I primarily assisted the presentation of the Khandama Development Project, urban design and architecture competition. İstanbul, Turkey | http://www.dbarchitects.com.tr/

SVESMI/Atelier MS B.V.

Dec 2008 - Jan 2009

Part-time - Assistant Architect While studying in TU Delft I worked part-time for the SVESMI/Atelier assisting for the project competition of Northwich Vision Cultural Centre, which was selected for the second stage, and a presentation for the Rotterdam Biennale 2009. Rotterdam, The Netherlands | http://svesmi.eu/

Hatırlı Architecture

Sep 2010 - Oct 2011

Fulltime - Project Coordinator I moved back to Turkey after training two years in the Netherlands, I started working full-time for Hatırlı Architecture, a prominent firm in Ankara. I took charge in the design, drawing and coordination stages of many important projects. In a student residence project of a charity foundation in Ankara, I led all stages from design to discipline coordination. Ankara, Turkey | http://www.hatirli.com/

Troy Architecture & Engineering

Oct 2011 - Jan 2014

Partner - Head of the Architecture Department I founded the Architecture department for the Troy Engineering Company, which is a family establishment. Two of the significant projects of the first year were, the production of as-built drawings for the world renowned Rönesans Construction, and the design of a Community Center Building for Ankara Municipality. In following years, the firm started to work as a subcontractor for large-scale projects of DEMAY Architecture. While holding my shares in Troy Architecture and Engineering, I moved the base of operations for architectural design projects to Demay Architecture. Ankara, Turkey | http://www.troymimarlik.com/

DEMAY Architecture

Jan 2014 - Present

Partner - Architectural Design Responsible DEMAY is one of the largest architectural companies in Ankara, Turkey with a volume over 1.000.000 m2 of projects per year. I first became a solution partner for high-end projects, which evolved into a full partnership. Using my previous professional connections I established a design team for large-scale projects. I still design and coordinate vital projects for DEMAY Architecture. Ankara, Turkey | http://www.demaymimarlik.com.tr/

Başkent University

Sep 2018 - Present

Design Studio Instructor I also work as a part-time instructor for Design Studio at Department of Architecture since September 2018 Ankara, Turkey | http://www.baskent.edu.tr/

NGO Work

Chambers of Architects, Ankara

Feb 2008 - Agu 2008

Member of the Executive Board After graduating from Middle East Technical University, I was selected as the youngest member for the Executive Board of the Chamber of Architects, Ankara Chapter. During my service, I reconstructed and strengthened the student organization of the chamber. I took charge in rewriting a proposal for Ankara's architectural policy. I was active in the election campaign for the National Chamber of Architects. I resigned to better focus on my training in TU Delft. Ankara, Turkey | http://www.mimarlarodasiankara.org/



Uzelli Çayyolu

Type:Mixed Use

Size:206.150 m2




Type:Mixed Use

Size:115.000 m2



Turkish Metal Union Headquarters

Type:Office Building

Size:15.000 m2


Corner Plaza

Corner Plaza

Type:Mixed Use

Size:124.950 m2



KOIZ Center

Type:Mixed Use

Size:115.200 m2



LOSEV Children Village


Size:2.500 m2



Gözüm Twin Towers

Type:Office Building

Size:28.350 m2



Caferağa Sports & Convention Center

Type:Public Building

Size:22.700 m2



Uşak Intercity Bus Terminal


Size:11.000 m2



Museum of Troy


Size:12.500 m2